¿Debo normar el uso de blogs corporativos en mi empresa?


La mayoría las compañías que ha implantado plataformas de blogging corporativo ha estimado conveniente crear políticas para normar el uso de los blogs de la empresa. De este tema (características) ya hemos hablado antes aquí.

A continuación una serie de normativas y recursos de algunas de las empresas que ya están trabajando con blogs:

* Exony: Exony Blogging Policy, James Snape, November 4, 2004
* Feedster: Corporate Blogging Policy, March 7, 2005
* Groove Networks: Personal Website and Weblog Guidelines at Groove Networks, Ray Ozzie's Weblog, August 24, 2002
* Harvard Law School: Weblogs At Harvard Law - Terms of Use
* Hill & Knowlton - Blogging policies and guidelines, Niall Cook, Marketing Technology, May 19, 2005
* IBM - (PDF) IBM blogging policy and guidelines, May 16, 2005
o Blogging@IBM, James Snell
o IBM podcasting guidelines. James Snell, October 11, 2005
* Plaxo: request of comments on proposed blogging policy, March 29, 2005
* Sun Microsystems: Sun policy on public discourse, May 2, 2004
o Making Sun policy, Tim Bray, Technology Director, Sun, ongoing
* Thomas Nelson Publishers: request of comments on proposed blogging policy, march 18, 2005
o second draft
* Blogging Policy Examples, Charlene Li (Forrester Research), November 8, 2004
* Yahoo! - (PDF) Yahoo! Personal Blog Guidelines, May 31, 2005
o Yahoo! Employee Blog Guidelines: The official version and my own advice, Jeremy Zawodny

Políticas de blogging corporativo en entrevistas

- Robert Scoble's new policy on press interviews, Scobleizer, September 18, 2004

Artículos de interés

- (PDF) Corporate Blogging: Strategy and Policy, Matthew Oliphant, Co-Founder, Business Logs, Presentation at the Blog Business Summit, January 2005

"Before you flip the switch and encourage employees to blog about the business, it’s critical that you set the stage for responsible posting. Resolving ownership issues. It’s equally important as an employee writing about your employer to be aware of potential 'land mine' issues that could affect your job security."

- MSN Blogging Policy, Susannah Gardner, Buzz Marketing with Blogs, January 25, 2005

"Microsoft has a semi-informal blogging policy and Lenn Pryor (Director, Platform Evangelism) went through them at the Blog Business Summit today. These are the ideas that guide the MSN bloggers, of whom there are many."

* Lenn Pryor's PPT slides

- The Corporate Weblog Manifesto, Robert Scoble, Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger, February 26, 2003
* Corporate Blogging, Robert Scoble, Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger, February 15, 2004
* Corporate Blogging Best Practices? (comments), Robert Scoble, Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger, April 1, 2004
- ¿Problemas legales con tu blog?

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